Why Choose Aculist Disclosures?

Created by a top-producing realtor for realtors

I started Rocket Disclosures out of need. I was doing a lot of business and found myself clicking and saving huge numbers of disclosures, sometimes spending up to 30 minutes saving all of the individual PDF's for each property, and, of course, it was usually at 11:00 at night!

I would then have to save them all to my desktop then break them up into several e-mails to send to my clients. I knew there had to be a better way but I searched the Internet extensively and just didn't find what I wanted.

At the same time I noticed that on my listings I would often get an additional disclosure after many people had downloaded everything, or we wanted to change the offer date, and I had to go back through all of the e-mails to get everyone's contact information; it took time and was just frustrating work.

So... I had an engineer build something for me that would allow me to upload everything easily, other agents could download everything quickly and easily, I could send out additional documents to everyone at once with just a few keystrokes, and on offer day I could print out the names and phone numbers of all interested agents to do the follow up calls. It greatly simplified my life and that of my assistants.

Over time, agents started coming to us asking how they could get their own account so we took the next step and are making this available to the real estate community.

We hope you enjoy using Rocket Disclosures. Please tell your colleagues about us and send any feedback to help us improve.

Thank you!


As a listing agent, I like to access things quick and easy looking to see how many disclosures have been downloaded and who has downloaded the disclosures. It's so simple, I can even do it without the use of my assistant. It's easy to download for the user and easy to forward to your clients. I wish all the disclosures websites I have to use were this user friendly. Cheryl Okuno
Working with Rocket Disclosures is so easy. The website is very user friendly! I've been in the real estate business for 20+ years and it's usually time consuming and frustrating working with so many agents' websites and platforms to retrieve online disclosures, it's such a breeze to use Rocket Disclosures. The main benefit is the simplicity of the website. Just enter your user information and you can click on all the disclosures or individual disclosures to download automatically or email them. There is no need to click to open and click to download and then click to save then create an email to send with attachments etc... Jan Vargas